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Tampa British Auto Repair Specialist - Land Rover, Range Rover, Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Rolls Royce, Austin Healey.


Welcome to our website. We are the only name you need to know for comprehensive, professional repair services. Our staff are well-trained and can handle your requirements with maximum efficiency and professionalism. We are dedicated to performing clean, quality work in a timely manner.

Today’s Charlie’s British Cars offers you a depth of knowledge and variety of auto repair and maintenance services like never before, because today’s cars are more complex than ever before. Rest assured, your trusted Charlie’s British Cars technician has the expertise to keep you on the move.

If your British-made automobile air suspension fails, or your ABS light is on, or your check engine light is on, won’t start, won’t stop, if it runs hot, brakes fail, makes loud noises when stopping, drinks gas, smells of gas, sunroof leaks or fails, headliner drops, or plastic engine parts fail or fall off, or whatever other problem you may have with your British car, give us a call. We repair them properly! We fix Lucas Electrics. 

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